"My job is amazing! Seeing each girl’s special day come to life is so very rewarding and a privilege and one that I don’t think I will ever tire from. Myself and the girls who work alongside me are just amazed each time we finish someone’s day, as to how truly beautiful the end result really is. Who wouldn’t love doing this." -- Julie

About Julie Vine

Our knowledge, attention to detail and expertise ensures your event goes beyond your dreams and exceeds all your expectations.

Julie Vine Flowers creates an overall theme by interpreting and designing flowers. Our commitment to client satisfaction and exceptional approach to floral design ensures a truly individual result each time.


Julie Vine Flowers is a boutique flower designer that caters for weddings, special events and corporate functions.

Specialising in bouquets, table settings, ceremony venues and corporate events..

We also specialise in the overall concept design for your day.


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